About Me

A bit about me...

   My name is Batool Ali, and I teach 3rd Grade in Room 17. I received my B.A. degree and California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from California State University Northridge. This is my 22nd year of teaching and my 18th year at Haynes CES. In previous years I have taught grades one, two, three and four. After 12 years in 4th grade, I came down to 3rd grade and began a new adventure with Mr. Canedo and Mr. Lebovitz. I heart 3rd grade, and I can't wait to try new lessons and delve into the curriculum with my incoming 3rd grade class. We hope to provide your child with the best 3rd grade experience possible. Apart from teaching, I was the Science Lead Teacher at Haynes for 12 years. I currently serve on the safety committee as well as the STEM committee.  I love teaching all areas of Science, especially Life & Earth Science. This will be my 4th year serving as the ILT (instructional leadership team) teacher representing Haynes CES at Local District Northwest trainings.  This ILT role requires me to be off-campus once a month (Wednesdays) for meetings with local district experts. 

   I live in West Hills with my family. I have two daughters, one in 8th grade and one in her first year of college. Both attend/ed LAUSD schools and were also students here at Haynes. I love spending time with my daughters. We cook together, visit museums, have discussions, and go shopping. I truly cherish my time with them.heart

   In life, my greatest and most profound influence has been my father. He has been a constant role model for me in every conceivable way. His strong character, conduct, discipline, selflessness, and generosity have taught me many lessons about life and how I want to be remembered by my students. Your child is sure to hear me speak about him during the year!