Mission 3rd Grade

   My mission for my class is to help each child grow academically and socially to the best of their ability. I hope to mold my students into responsible, organized, and kind individuals. I hope to foster a cooperative environment based on mutual respect and concern for one another.

    I strongly believe good character is "taught" from a young age and should start in the home and be reinforced at school. Honesty, respect, trustworthiness, humility, gratefulness and just being a globally concerned human being are all aspects I hope to infuse into my students through my interactions with them, good role-modeling, and of course story-telling!

   My aim is to encourage students to set goals and challenge themselves to achieve them by the year's end.  Aside from this, I hope to increase my students' knowledge base and interest in Science. Last but not least, I hope 3rd grade will be a memorable and productive year for my students.