Next Generation Science (3rd grade NGSS)


I will be using the new NGSS standards to teach science this year. Please keep in mind the following breakdown of how your child will be grade in science.


science tests= 60%


science notebook upkeep=10%

active participation in investigations=10%


***All students are required to maintain a neat an orderly science notebook. This notebook is a must to prepare for science assessments. 


Mystery Science Lesson Links: USE TO STUDY FOR SCIENCE TESTS.smiley


Mystery 2 How can you make a bridge stronger?

Mystery 3 How can you go faster down a slide?

Life Science: 

Mystery 1 Where can you find whales in a desert?

Myster 2 -How do we know what dinosaurs looked like?

Mystery 3 Can you outrun a dinosaur?   

Mystery 4 Designer Dogs &  Review Worksheets Designer Dogs, Spot the Differences, & "Friendly Foxes" article

Mystery 6 Why do dogs wag their tails?  & your field journal!

The Mosquito Problem (Environmental Engineering)

Mystery 8 Space Traits


Life Science the "Power of Plants"

Mystery 2 Why do plants give fruits?

Mystery 3 Why are some apples red and some green?


Earth Science:

Where do clouds come from? Mystery 1

How can we predict when it's going to storm? Mystery 2

 Mystery # 3    Why are some places always hot?

Mystery # 4   How can you keep a house from blowing away?



Have a look at the NGSS!   NGSS Standards Parent Page